5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your Next Holiday

Londerick Jay December 28, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your Next Holiday
5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your Next Holiday

Where can you holiday in 40 places at one time, enjoy all year sun and step foot onto the best beach on the face of the planet?

Here are just five more reasons to think of Turks and Caicos when planning your next holiday abroad.

  1. The Caribbean Climate

As discussed and explored in more detail via the Frommers Travel website, Turks and Caicos enjoys all year sun and warm weather due to its geographical location. Situated in the Caribbean, this ensures that TCI enjoys average annual temperatures of between 29 and 32 degrees C between June and October, although it is not uncommon for the temperature to rise and reach closer to 35 degrees C in the later summertime months.

Meanwhile, in winter (and so between November and May) holiday makers can still expect and look forward to enjoying average temperatures of between 27 to 29 degrees C, making Turks and Caicos a fantastic summer holiday destination to visit – whatever the season.

This can also prove particularly handy when trying to bag an affordable holiday abroad during the school holidays. With the clampdown on taking kids out of school in order to go on holiday well in force here in the UK, this has (and any parent will know) seen the price of holidaying abroad outside of term times skyrocket, especially during the summer holidays. Then, shirking the annual summer holiday in favour of taking a winter break to TCI during half term can mean still affording a holiday abroad and in a dream location without missing out on the hot weather at all.

  1. The World’s Best Beach

There is no argument to make when it comes to stating that Turks and Caicos is home to the world’s best beach; the argument has been long won, and numerous times. Having featured as the Travellers’ Choice Awards No. 1 beach in the world several time now, and again in 2016, Grace Bay Beach situated on the TCI island Providenciales is reason enough to spend a week or two in Turks and Caicos.

  1. The World Class Resorts

Speaking of the world’s best beach, the Grace Bay region is also home to many of the country’s best loved and most luxurious resorts. All situated on the island of Providenciales, this make the island one of its most favoured to stay on.

One resort in particular that stands out a head above the rest when it comes to luxury and as well providing real ‘Caribbean flavour’ though is the Beach House TCI resort. Sat on the cusp of Grace Bay Beach, the boutique Beach House is an imposing and impressive Caribbean mansion house in typical colonial style. This is in stark contrast to many of the newer and less sympathetically designed resorts in and around Provo, which whilst offering all the trade mark amenities of a luxury resort (such as an onsite gym, spa, 4 or 5 star suites and restaurants) fail to realise that many of those visiting TCI are doing so because it is the culture, charm and magic of this unique country that attracts them – and not just the promise of sun, sea, sand…and a spa day.

Hence, to holiday in TCI in style, but without losing out on experiencing a real slice of Turks and Caicos charm, the Beach House is a fantastic resort to consider booking into. Whether you end up staying at the Beach House or elsewhere though, it is none the less still worth heading over to take in its stunning architecture and grab a bite to eat at its onsite restaurant, Kitchen 218, which also happens to be one of TCI’s most popular places to dine amongst holiday makers and locals alike.

  1. The Extreme (and not so Extreme) Sports

Because TCI is made up of so many different islands and cays it is of course home to a unique ecology and landscape which, aside from being an awe-inspiring just behold, also makes it the perfect place to head to partake in just about every kind of water sports known to man – from paddle boarding to surfing.

Further, its unique landscape also means that the country is also home to some of the world’s best diving spots and a dizzying array of tropical sea life as well as sites such as ‘The Hole’ where the bravest visitors can lower themselves via rope to swim in its luscious blue waters at the ‘The Hole’s base.

Meanwhile for those not exactly excited by the idea of taking the plunge (quite literally), TCI can also be explored by hired bike whilst Provo Gold Club also happens to be one of the Caribbean’s best, and better yet is open year round to non-members. To learn more, simply visit the Provo Golf Club website.

  1. The Amazing Attractions

Last but by no means least, no holiday destination would be worth the airfare without its fair share of attractions and things to do and see.

Fortunately, TCI is a treasure trove of them, from island hopping amongst its many islands and cays to knocking back a famous ‘conch knocker’ shot at Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar, said to be one of the best beach bars the world over. Also, be sure not to miss the wonder that is Iguana Island along the way and the Capital of Cockburn Town on the historic island of Grand Turk where you can also find and visit TCI’s National Museum.

Meanwhile, for a plethora of more things to do and see from how to find the world’s only Conch Farm to discovering, continue your adventure via the TCI tourism website.


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