Hua Hin Offers an Array of Interesting Sites and Activities

Londerick Jay June 27, 2016 Comments Off on Hua Hin Offers an Array of Interesting Sites and Activities
Hua Hin Offers an Array of Interesting Sites and Activities

A pretty beachside resort that is a favorite getaway, Hua Hin is not only family-friendly, but it also offers visitors a wide array of accommodations depending on what activities you wish to pursue. It is a nearly perfect place to unwind given its beautiful stretches of shoreline and lush green scenery. In addition, the region’s aristocratic history and royal flavor make visitors feel regal.

Hua Hin offers plenty in the way of hustle and bustle, yet also provides quiet and serenity.No one day of your trip will be exactly alike, with plenty to do to keep you occupied. One of the things people enjoy is watching the activity at the Hua Hin Railway Station. The iconic landmark placed Hua Hin on the map as it once served as a route for the royal family’s excursions to Klai Kangwon Palace – the royals’ summer retreat and residence.

The Royal Waiting Room

The Royal Train station certainly lives up to its name as its main attribute is its Royal Waiting Room – an area of the building used to welcome Thailand’s King when he and his court are visiting. You also want to visit Monkey Mountain when you are in Hua Hin. You can take a tuk-tuk for the journey, which is an adventure in and of itself but can also make it possible for you to view the friendly and unique town up-close.

Once you arrive at Monkey Mountain, climb 100 steps to the Buddha Temple. You won’t regret it as you will be rewarded with a spectacular view. Besides the breathtaking incline, there are also Hua Hin’s monkeys – friendly creatures that will take any food you have right out of your hand.

You also want to take advantage of playing golf at a Hua Hin golf resort. Thailand is one of the premier destinations for golfers today, with Hua Hin a leading town for golfing enthusiasts. Even if you have not played golf in a while, you will want to play several rounds in this well-established beach and golfing town.

beach and golfing town

One Way to Keep Cool

Don’t miss a visit to the Mountain Water Park, which lies on the outskirts of Hua Hin. Because Thailand’s temperatures are warm throughout the year, you can visit this water park just about any time you choose. Visitors to the water park receive free life jackets and pristine rooms in which to change. The small children in your family will like the spot in the park that features a kids’ play area along with shallow pools and slides.

If you enjoy good food and wine, then a visit to the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is in order. Nestled in a scenically beautiful mountain valley about 45km west of Hua Hin, the loamy slate and sand soils of the area feed varieties of Rhone grapes that are grown in the vineyards of the cellar door’s Monsoon Valley wine. Vineyard tours take place daily and include return transport and a three-course meal with wine.

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