Things to Remember Before You Travel to India

Londerick Jay October 24, 2018 Comments Off on Things to Remember Before You Travel to India
Things to Remember Before You Travel to India

India is such a fantastic country with a lot to offer. In every region that you visit, there is something for you to enjoy. Before you head to India, you need to know some important things to help you stay safe while you are in the country, and also enrich your experience.

India is a culturally diverse and vibrant country. You will face different types of people as you move across various cities and towns. These tips will help you as you embark on a magical journey to India.

Forget all stereotypes

You might see a lot of negative things about India because of the media. You only see negative aspects of the country when in fact it has a lot to offer. It is so diverse that it does not make sense for you to put all Indians in one box. Letting go of your stereotypes also allows you to have an open mind as you explore the country.

Experience the culture

It is not enough to watch the people eat, wear their clothes or pray. You can engage with them and join the experience. You need to absorb everything that the country offers. It does not hurt to try them. You might not like the experience, but you will learn from it.

Try covering up

Despite the modernity in some parts of India, it is still a fairly conservative country. Therefore, you need to cover up and avoid revealing parts of your body, especially for women. If you are a progressive, you might find this unfair as you could see a lot of men walking the streets topless. Despite that, it is not your role to change the country. You visit India because you want to indulge in the experience, and not become an activist.

Be careful with your language

It is easy for you to smile or greet someone, even a stranger. It might not have a similar connotation in India. Simple eye contact or conversation with someone you barely know might have different meanings. It does not mean all Indians have this negative attitude, but you grew up in a different environment. The signs and gestures that you think are okay might not be the same in India, as is true in different parts of the world.

Be nice to locals

As a foreigner, you might receive celebrity treatment in India. The people are friendly and warm if you are also the same with them. Don’t be afraid to mingle with them if you are in a safe space. It is false to believe that all of them only want to sell something to you. A lot of them want good interactions especially those who are from far-flung areas as they don’t usually interact with foreigners.

Be prepared for anything

India is a land of surprises, and you will experience a lot when you get there. You need to open your mind and enjoy every part of it. You will come back home a changed person because of this experience.

South India is one of the best parts of the country if you wish to see a diverse culture. You can look for South India travel ideas first before you go there.


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